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K.J. Jackson

Tear the World Down, A Creatures of Sin & Savagery Book 2, (EBOOK)

Tear the World Down, A Creatures of Sin & Savagery Book 2, (EBOOK)

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Book two in the Creatures of Sin & Savagery series

There are some that want to exploit my powers. There are some that want me dead. Then there is the one that just wants me.

Destiny isn’t for the weak.

I’m broken.

Broken, and I don’t know how to fix me. I only know that I had to walk away. Walk away from my love, my friends, my new life.

But then the world starts falling apart. And in order to fix it—in order to save everything that is dear to me—I have to do the one thing I’m terrified to do.

Embrace my power.

Embrace everything in this new life I’ve carved out for myself. For if I don’t, all will be lost.

Tear the World Down is a reimaging mashup of mythology and demigods in a fantasy romance with forbidden love, multiple POV, myths and legends, fated mates, amazing powers, morally-grey choices, twists, cliffhangers, spice, two kick-butt heroines and two tear-the-world-down-for-her heros. Plus, let’s not forget the delicious, sexy angst.

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{ Chapter 1 }

~ Skye ~

With Rafe by my side, I turned and walked out of Aiden’s house, not looking back.

I couldn’t.

Couldn’t offer him the slightest glance when that would give him cruel hope. There was no hope.

That last kiss Aiden and I shared had been my own test.

A test I failed.

It should have sparked something—in my chest, in my gut—but it didn’t. I was still void of any feeling.
I wasn’t sad, wasn’t heartbroken.

The empty wasteland inside of me offered me nothing.

So that’s what I needed to leave with.


I hitched a ride down into Brikton with some random tourists. The town was clearly alive with people visiting for the summer season.

After Rafe and I parted ways with my ride in front of one of the hotels, I walked down the bustling sidewalk. Walked the length of the town until I reached the edge of it and stopped outside of Joe’s.
Staring up at his sign above the door, I pondered whether I should stop in and hustle, or just walk and hitch my way out of town as quickly as possible. I would need money, but I also didn’t want to chance running into Triaten or Charlotte.

The sound of the river broke my reverie, and without conscious thought, my feet began toward the back of the building, through the parking lot, and down the steep bank to the river.

A last-ditch effort to see if this spot could reignite something in me—anything—before I left this mountain for good. It was worth a shot.

I stared at the river for some time, the din of the town far removed from the gurgling sound of the now gentler summer water of the river. Trying—trying to manifest the tiniest flame of feeling for this place, for the life I’d built here.

A sudden voice right behind me made me jump. “Just so you know, I’ll be tracking you.”

I spun around. Triaten was standing along the riverbank, backpack in hand.

Staring at him, I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want to report on the scene I had just gone through with Aiden. So I just looked at him, my mouth closed.

He nodded. “Right. I know, you’re leaving. I wanted to make sure you know that you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, but I will be tracking you. I won’t interfere, but I will know where you are. I owe it to Aiden. And I owe it to you.”

“Did Aiden call you?” I finally managed a few words out.

Triaten set the large backpack down on the rocky ground and stepped to me. “No. He has no idea I’m talking to you, love. Sit with me?” He motioned to a couple large flat rocks jutting out from the bank of the river. Not waiting for me, he sat. “Just five minutes? I’m not going to try to change your mind about leaving.” He patted the rock next to him.

I hedged, then cautiously sat down next to him. Rafe went over to the river to lap up a drink. My gaze centered on the cascading water. “So why bother to tell me you’ll be tracking me if you’re going to leave me alone?”

“So you know you’ll have backup, if you should need it. And if—when—you figure out how to get your emotions back, when you figure out how to balance the good and the bad, I’ll be there to bring you straight back here, if you wish.”

I looked to him, my eyes narrowing. “What’s going on? What did Aiden tell you?”

“He didn’t tell me anything. I can read you again.”

I sucked in a gasp, then defeat sank into my gut as I realized what it meant. “If you can read me again...” I paused, looking back out to the water. “I really am broken, aren’t I?”

Sympathy edged into his voice. “I’m afraid so, love. It’s how I knew you were planning on leaving. I popped in on you this morning when you were in bed. I thought you were asleep, then caught wind of your mind working, deciding what to do.”

I nodded slowly, taking in the news. “Then you also know I’m afraid of what I might do to Aiden if I stayed. To anybody, frankly, if I try to awaken any emotion. I know all that hate is in there, and I’m afraid—being half malefic—there might not be any way of controlling it.”

His mouth pulled into a tight line as he considered my words. He bent over and picked up a rock, studied it, and then casually tossed it into the river. His gaze centered on me. “True, there is that possibility.” His hand rubbed along his jaw line, his thoughts churning. “But living without any emotion, is that really living? Aiden could handle anything you might do to him, and he would still be there for you. He’s not about to abandon you ever again.”

I shifted uncomfortably. “You said you wouldn’t try to change my mind.”

Triaten grabbed my wrist before I bolted—damn his mind reading.

He gave me a pursed smile. “I’m not trying to change your mind about leaving, but I am going to make a suggestion about where to go.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him.

“I think you need to give the mountain a chance to heal you.”

“I’ve been here on this mountain for long enough—there’s been no change.”

“But you haven’t been alone on the mountain.” His head tilted to the side as he studied my face. “Make me a deal—give the mountain some time—one more month. Hike up to the origin of the river. There’s a one-room cabin there, long abandoned. You have my word that no one will know you’re up there but you and me.”

“You think going backcountry is going to help me?” Skepticism laced my words.

“It might. Charlotte spent time there after Thomas died. She was a tiny shred when she left us, and when she came back, she wasn’t whole, but she at least had back that spark of what makes her her. And you won’t have to worry about what might happen if you un-jail your emotions up there. A squirrel or a tree might suffer, but that’s about all.”

I stared at the water, contemplating. Rafe looked back at me, expectantly. I knew I didn’t need to speak through the pros and cons—Triaten was reading everything I was thinking. And rather than being unnerved by it, I was thankful for it.

Finally, I stood up.

Triaten smiled up at me. “Good. And if the mountain doesn’t help, you can always go back to the drifter life you were planning.” He gained his feet, pointing at the backpack. “I brought you a backpack with provisions, but at least let me drive you up to the ranch. You can catch the trail off the river from there, and it will save you a quarter of the hike.”

I nodded. I could do this.

Logic told me I could give this one last chance before I sank everything to hell.

And logic was the only thing left to guide me.

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